Legal Stuff

Basic ground rules.


We encourage you to familiarise yourself with a few ground rules.  I hate spelling out the obvious but, some people need a gentle reminder now and then.


1.      Please do not forward illegal, unsolicited and unwanted messages for example, jokes, videos, memes and any other content that would go against the content policies of META or that is unrelated to assistive technology or disability.

2.      Do not ask everyone how they are all the time.  Don’t be spammy.  This is not a social media group.  Stay on topic.  This way, we will respect others in the group and be able to make it an enjoyable experience for each and everyone.  Yes, you may engage but, take it private if you want to know how your friend, whom you rediscovered in this group after 53 years, is doing.

3.      Do not forward unsolicited messages from other groups without prior permission from the group admins.

4.      Please comply with all laws governing the use of WhatsApp within the jurisdiction of your country.


Questions and sharing of information


Please note that you are welcome to ask questions relating to assistive technology used by the blind and vision impaired.


You may also ask questions and share information that relates to technology that potentially falls out of the strict definition of assistive technology.  For example, what is the data services on Rain like, What is secure email, how do I remove an item from the sixty60 cart, how do I register a domain, etc.


If there is an event relating to Assistive Technology to take place, share the info with us.


Should you want us to take up an issue, let us know and we will see what can be done.  You are part of the community and are welcome to contribute and voice your opinion.


Finally, you can visit our website for any other assistance at


The site has not been completed yet but, soon we hope to offer more features.


Thank you and take care.



Important Legal Notice:


South African law determines that admins of groups on WhatsApp are legally responsible for the content in these groups.


Since I am the administrator of this WhatsApp group, I am legally responsible for everything that appears in this group.


This is a friendly reminder that promoting hate speech, making threats, promoting incitement, racism, or any content which is illegal under South African law, will have me remove you from this group, immediately, without any warning.


The laws making specific messages illegal include the Cybercrimes Act and Film and Publications Amendment Act.


South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa put significant portions of the Cybercrimes Act into operation in December 2021.


Ramaphosa and communications ministers Khumbudzo Ntshavheni put the Film and Publications Amendment Act into operation earlier in 2022.


Should you not be sure as to what content you can post, please let the administrators know and we will provide you with guidance.


Thank you so much for reading and have a blessed day further.


Kind regards.

Hanif Kruger


About AssistiveTechnology.Support

This is a resource for blind and vision impaired persons and is inspired by the contributions of the members of the Assistive Technology blind Support WhatsApp group.